Amazing Vinyl Siding Colors For Your House This Year

If you want to buy new vinyl siding, there are a lot of colors to choose from. Finding the right colors for your home can make a big difference in how it looks. DNS Exterior Inc. has the knowledge to find vinyl siding in white, gray, or other popular colors in 2023. Call (815) 293-6311, and let us provide a free quote today!


The Best Selling Vinyl Siding Colors Of 2023

When choosing the color for your vinyl siding, it is essential to choose the right color. After all, this is a feature of your home that you’ll have to live with for years. If you’re stuck deciding what color to choose, don’t worry—we’ve covered you. Here are the best-selling vinyl siding colors in 2023, according to the pros.


1. White

Vinyl siding is often white, and there’s a good reason. It goes with almost any home style and can be put up on many different surfaces. Because the bright white color reflects heat, it is an excellent choice for places where it is hot.

Most exterior color schemes look good with white vinyl siding. Because of this, it is a great base color to use with other trim or features outside your home.

For a classic look, white is a great choice. It comes in many different styles, such as smooth and textured, so you can find a texture that fits your tastes and budget. Also, it is easy to clean and keeps in good shape to enjoy its beauty for a long time.


2. Beige

Beige is a color that goes well with many others and can be used as an accent or to blend with other colors. It is a neutral color so it won’t clash with anything else.

This color has been popular for many years and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. This color looks good in both modern and old-fashioned homes. Vinyl siders in beige are also good because they are not too bright. It can fit in with the rest of your home’s exterior design.

If you want siding in a neutral color that will go with the rest of your home’s exterior design. Then, go with beige vinyl siding.

Beige Siding Color
Beige Siding Color

3. Gray

Gray is a neutral color that never goes out of style and goes with almost any style or design. It’s an excellent choice because it’s neither too dark nor too light. This makes it easy to match it to other parts of your home’s exterior. Gray has been a favorite color for vinyl siding for a long time. You can be sure it will last for a long time. It also has a classy look that will go well with any home’s architecture and curb appeal.

You might want to combine gray with white or silver accents for a more modern look. This is a great way to give your home a new look without making big changes to the outside.


4. Blue

Blue is a trendy color for vinyl siding, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a soothing, cool color that will make your home look clean, fresh, and welcoming. It also goes well with things in your home that are blue, like shutters or kitchen cabinets. This is one of the most common house colors in the United States, so you won’t have to worry about standing out.

This classic color is a must-have if you want to look more classic. Both traditional colonial and modern contemporary styles look good with the blue color. But it seems best in older, neutral-colored homes.

The only bad thing about this color is that it will fade over time if left out in the sun for a long time. Apply a stain to the outside of your blue vinyl siding every two years or so, as needed, to keep it looking its best.


5. Green

Green is a popular color for vinyl siding because it looks like nature. Green is a great choice when there are many trees or bushes around a house. The color will become less noticeable as it blends in with the greenery. This color would also look great in a home with a lot of natural light.

Green can be used with other colors to make things look better. For example, green can be mixed with tan or black to make earthier colors bright enough to stand out.

There you have it—the five most popular colors for vinyl siding in 2023, according to the pros! Think about what you want the look of your home to be. It would help if you also thought about what will need less work over time. If you are still stuck, remember that some classic combinations will never go out of style. White siding with black shutters or grey siding with white trim is always safe to bet.

Vinyl Siding Colors
Vinyl Siding Colors

Tips To Find The Vinyl Siding Color That’s Best For Your House

If you decide to cover your house with vinyl siding, Choosing a color that goes well with your tastes and your home’s overall look is essential. This is a great way to give your home a new look and raise its value at the same time. But before you choose a color, you must do a lot of research. So, you can be sure that your choice is best for you.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right color for your home’s vinyl siding:


  • Do Your Research

Start by looking at the different colors of vinyl siding. This will help. Look at different brands and types of vinyl siding before deciding on a style or color. Then, to narrow your search, look at online reviews to see what other people think of the product. You can also look at pictures of houses that have used their product to see how it looks on different homes. This will show you what colors look good with what kinds of houses.


  • Think About Your Home’s Roof

One of the most important things to consider when picking a color for your house is whether the roof is dark or light. White siding will stand out too much against the dark sky if it’s dark out. If your roof is light, you should pick something that goes well with it.

This can be fun if you choose a color that matches the color of your roof. If your roof is dark, try a lighter color than what you can get now. This will help make your home feel more open and clean by letting in more light.


  • Check Out Your Neighbors

If you live in an area where vinyl siding is common, look around your neighborhood. Homes nearby probably have vinyl siding in a variety of styles and colors. This can help you figure out what choices you have. You can also find out which colors were popular at different times. Also, which ones are no longer popular and why.

House Siding Exposed To Sunlight
House Siding Exposed To Sunlight
  • Consider The Weather And Sun Exposure

You should choose a color that will look good in all kinds of weather. Some types of vinyl siding can stand up to heat and ultraviolet (UV) light. The National Association of Home Builders says that if you can, you should use a material rated for both heat and UV resistance.

It would help if you also thought about how much sun your home gets at different times of the year. Choose a darker color if it will be in direct sunlight all day. Darker colors are more durable than lighter ones. If your house gets less sunlight at certain times of the year. You don’t have to worry about fading or changing cream or white colors.


  • Pick A Color That Compliments Your Home

As a general rule, you should choose a color that goes well with the outside of the house. If your shutters are dark brown, cream vinyl siding will go well with them. In the same way, if your home has red bricks on the outside, it makes sense to use red vinyl siding.

The best color of vinyl siding for your home will depend on many things, like the landscape, your budget, and how customized you want it to be. It’s not always easy to find the right person. When looking into vinyl siding options, there are many things to consider. With so many things to consider, choosing exterior services from DNS Exterior Inc. couldn’t be easier.

Our experts have extensive experience matching your home’s exterior color with quality vinyl siding. Call (815) 293-6311, and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your upcoming project.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Or Light Siding Preferable?

Darker vinyl siding does not last as long as lighter siding. Darker colors absorb more of the sun’s heat. As a result, darker siding is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations, which can cause it to deteriorate faster.

Which Siding Increases The Value Of A Home?

According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value report, installing new vinyl siding will increase the value of your home. This also assumes the installation of approximately 1,250 square feet of new siding and represents a 67% return on investment.

What Color Siding Makes Your Home Appear Larger?

Making your home’s exterior a light color is the best way to make it appear larger, brighter, and more inviting. Light colors, such as white, ivory, pale gray, and sage green, reflect more light than dark colors, making the home appear larger.

What Color Siding Makes Your House Look Bigger?

The best way to make your home appear larger, brighter, and more inviting is to paint its exterior a light color. White, ivory, pale gray, and sage green reflect more light than dark colors, making the home appear larger than it is.

Which Siding Adds The Most Value?

Brick also tends to increase the value of your home compared to other exterior siding types, making it a good choice if you want to turn a house into an investment property. According to Acme Brick, brick homes increase by approximately $4,000 over homes with wood or fiber-cement siding.