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DNS Exterior Inc. can be your #1 go-to company for exteriors. Whether for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, or doors, we got you. We offer a free estimate on our services. If you want to know more about the siding repair cost, call us at (815) 293-6311. Reach out to us anytime for any concerns or queries. You can also read reviews from our clients to learn what it is like working with us. Get to know the common repair issues and how you can avoid them. These things are important for siding maintenance.

Siding Repair With Common Issues In Your Siding

Siding is a vital component of every home. Like roofs and gutters are important, sidings also have the same value in our homes. Too much exposure to different weather elements can deteriorate its quality over time. This can happen to every house. But, with proper repair and maintenance, it can slow down its pace of deterioration. Here are some issues you will encounter on your side house and how to avoid these. 

1. Warping And Buckling

This problem in siding arises when your side house has improper installation. This easily happens for siding that has a vinyl material. It can be damaged immediately when you attach it too tight to the structure. Another factor that causes this problem is exposure to extreme temperatures. It causes your side house to expand and contract, which leads to warping and buckling.

The best way you can avoid this problem is to engage in services by professionals. DNS Exterior Inc offers house siding repair and installation for an affordable price. The first installation process is important. Contractors need to ensure that the house siding is following right to the structure of your home. 

2. Cracking

The side of your house has always been at the mercy between falling objects and harsh weather. This is why cracks are a common issue in your side house. A strong storm causes the siding to rip apart. It exposes the outer structure of your house to different weather conditions. These weather conditions can be harsh at times.

If you live in an area with trees nearby, you must watch out for falling trees. It can be their limbs or branches. Whatever it is, be one step ahead of the game always. This causes cracks and damage to the side of your house. Make sure to trim the large trees in your area, especially those close to your home. You can avoid all of this from happening through a regular inspection. Inspecting the side of your house will keep your siding away from experiencing these problems. Once a storm passes, check right away for any damages. In this way, you can fix your sidings as soon as possible. Help your siding from experiencing further damage. 

3. Noise

The side of your home can be your next nightmare. Improper installation can cause a lot of problems. It is usually due to inexperienced providers. This results in rattles and creaks on the side of your house. When you hire a trusted professional for your installation, they can leave enough room for contraction. You can always expand whether the season is hot or cold. Siding with not enough space for contraction and expansion will only create noise.

Avoid the nuisance by hiring a reliable professional. They must have enough knowledge and tools to finish the job right. If you are experiencing noise problems, time to call DNS Exterior Inc. Our team can rectify the situation for you. Let your home experience the best siding that can last for years. Work with DNS Exterior Inc today!

a man using a tape measure to measure the siding
Siding Repair

4. Moisture Problems

A siding with damage can do nothing to keep the moisture out. Sometimes, it will be easier to see the damage once there is a leak will be easier. Once a leakage happens in several places, it can damage your walls. Worse is, it can damage the frame of your house too. Of course, we do not want it to happen, right?

If you see any siding damage or leaks, immediately arrange for a siding repair. No matter how small the damage may seem, you must act on it before it worsens. Letting the water go through the damaged parts of the siding will make things worse. Your expenses on repair will get more expensive in the long run. You can always prevent this by calling a professional who can do the job right. Who else to look for, right? DNS Exterior Inc is right here for you!

5. Fading

A siding that fades is unattractive to the eye. It reduces the curb appeal of your home. If you plan to sell your house soon, faded siding can affect its price. Faded siding can limit the market price of your home if you do not take care of it well. What is sad is that fading affects more than the curb appeal alone. It can make your siding prone to moisture damage. Fadings are usually visible due to peeling paint. This makes it easier for moisture to seep into your home’s siding.

Part of proper maintenance of your siding is painting it. Make sure to paint it once you see the early signs of fading. This can seal the siding and prevent moisture from entering your home’s structure. 

Hiring A Siding Professional For Your Siding Repair

1. Upgrading The Experience

One of the most critical installations for your home is siding installation. Sidings with proper installation can mark up the value of your home. A bad siding job can affect your home’s functionality and market value. It also affects the curbside value of your home. Evaluating the design choices you have is important in the process. 

The installation should always be of exceptional quality. If you are not a siding professional, leave it to the contractor that can do the job right. Hire a company with years of experience that can provide a beautiful performance and an efficient siding installation.

Not all contractors are alike with each other. But hiring the most reputable company can ensure you get the best experience. They must be highly trained for home renovations. This ensures success in their job. Professionals will guide you. They are present from the beginning of your project until the installation is complete. In most cases, contractors extend their service until the warranty is over. Enjoying these benefits can even last a lifetime. This makes the value of your investment worth it.

man climbing a ladder to repair the siding
Siding Repair Contractors

2. Provides Convenience And Efficiency

Some homeowners would think that siding installation is easy. They think it would be a great idea to install it on their own, especially for those who have never tried it before. But siding installation takes a long time before you can complete them. The project has sheer complexity. 

The experience can be overwhelming for those who do not have prior experience. Instead of using that time on frustrations, you can always call professionals to help you. DNS Exterior Inc. is the #1 home exterior company you can trust for this service.

3. It Is A Cost-Effective Choice

Most homeowners know by now how home improvements can get costly. Making the right decisions by hiring the right company is important. This saves you from bigger expenses in the future. We want to make our money’s worth. Siding contractors can prevent any errors from occurring for your siding. They have insurance warranties to provide. They can save you from unexpected costs if your property experiences any damage.

4. They Know More About Safety

Siding installation involves many steps. Each step comes with a risk you must be careful about, from cutting boards to exposure to toxic chemicals. Power tools might cut through the wires or plumbing if you cannot handle them well. A professional installer knows how to do every phase of the project right. You can prevent experiencing any danger with their help. You are protecting not only yourself but also your home. You need to be mindful of the people around you as well. 

Maintaining your siding at home is not an easy task. Involving in the process can be tiresome. We want to experience convenience without exposing ourselves to danger. This is why there are companies like us. DNS Exterior Inc. is a company you can trust for home siding replacement near me. We give our best in every project we handle. We have a free estimate on the services we offer. Feel free to contact us at (815) 293-6311 to assist you better. Reviews from our clients are available on our website too. Hire a reputable company that understands the needs of every homeowner. DNS Exterior Inc can be that company for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my siding repaired?

  • The maintenance cycle shortens as the siding wears out. 
  • Pest Damage
  • Color Fading
  • Buckled, Cracked, Sagging, or Warped Siding.
  • Rot.
  • Finish that is Bubbling or Blistering. 

What Is A Common Vinyl Siding Issue?

Warping and buckling are both issues associated with vinyl siding; however, these issues only occur when the siding is improperly installed. As the outside temperature changes, vinyl siding expands and contracts. Vinyl expands in the summer because of the high temperatures.

How Do You Repair Siding Without Having To Replace It?

Using a Patch to Repair Vinyl Siding Clear the Space. Before you begin, clean the surrounding damaged area with soap and water.  Make a patch. Cut a section of siding slightly larger than the hole or crack with a scrap piece of siding.  Try out the Patch, repair the damage., and allow the caulk to dry. 

How Do You Fix Rusted Metal Siding?

Instructions Remove the damaged area. Tap the damaged area with a hammer to indent it, or cut it out with tin snips or a utility knife. The patch should be cut. Remove the nailing flange and cut a patch 4 inches longer than the damage.  Apply Caulk, remove the screw, and apply the Auto-Body Filler.  Paint and scrape. 

What Is The Source Of Siding Damage?

All siding materials are susceptible to this type of damage, whether a small crack caused by a single impact or an entire panel ripped off in a storm. Hail, falling tree limbs, rocks, sports balls, and other projectiles can all damage your home’s siding. 

What Is The Siding Maintenance Like?

As a result, it requires a lot of TLC. Every six months, conduct an inspection. At least twice a year, conduct a visual inspection to look for signs of damage, such as termites and wood rot. Re-treat every 2 to 5 years.  Every year, clean and inspect on a regular basis.  Wash once a year and keep harmful elements at bay.  As needed, paint.  An annual inspection is required.