Homer Glen, IL Roofing Shingles Replacement

A damaged roof is not just a nuisance you can ignore – it can quickly result in leaks that allow water to invade your property. This water can cause mold, mildew, rotting and even permanent damage to the structure of integrity of your building long before you might notice the telltale signs of water damage on your ceilings or walls.

If you suspect your roof is damaged, it’s time to go on Google and search for “roofing repair near me“. At DNS Exterior we can help you with providing a FREE Estimate. Call us at (815) 293-6311 or fill out our FREE Estimate form on our contact us page.

A Roofing Leak Can Spread

Water from a roof leak can spread quickly, resulting in damage to your interior ceilings, and you can cause some of them to collapse. At this point the water may cause more damage to your building’s interior with a commercial building, damage to your inventory or equipment, loss of revenue because of interrupted workflow are severe cases injuries to your employees are just some potential consequences.

Contact a reputable roofing company in your area and they can quickly help identify any damage your roof, prevent it from spreading further and provide you with an obligation free roofing replacement estimate. This will include a free consultation on the best options available to you for a roofing shingles replacement.

Roofing Company Homer Glen IL - Highest Rated
Roofing Company Homer Glen IL – Highest Rated

Repairing a roof leak in Homer Glen IL

Roof leak repairs are some of the most common problems we encounter. These can happen for a variety of different reasons, such as deteriorated flashing or a missing shingle. Whatever the reason we will provide you with an expert roofing repair designed to minimize any disruption dramatically reduce the probability of a more expensive roof replacement in the future.

Roofing Company Homer Glen IL - Highest Rated
Roofing Company Homer Glen IL – Highest Rated

Roofing shingles replacement in Homer Glen IL

Sometimes we encounter issues with roofs that are caused because of natural weathering. One of the most common problems is a damaged or lose shingle. Our team will identify these before they fall off. Loose shingle repair jobs can leave your roof operating as new. They are usually as simple as having to reattach the existing shingles and ensure that we seal them.

Occasionally after a strong winds storm we encounter issues with missing shingle replacement. Shingles may have become loose and blown away. Once again, our team can easily replace the singles and prevent any excess damage.

Roofing Company Homer Glen IL - Highest Rated
Roofing Company Homer Glen IL – Highest Rated

Repairing roof membrane shrinkage

Another issue that is quite common is roof membrane shrinkage. They installed a waterproof membrane before your shingles when your roof was initially constructed. Over time, these commonly shrink and pull away from the roofs flashing, leaving gaps that can easily result in leaks. Following a roofing inspection, one of our experts will easily spot this problem and provide you with a quote to fix it.

Roofing Company Homer Glen IL - Highest Rated
Roofing Company Homer Glen IL – Highest Rated

Here are 10 signs you may need to contact DNS Exterior for your roofing needs

1.) One of the most obvious signs that your roof is in trouble is when your shingles are either missing, cracked or curled. This is a clear sign that they’ve reached the end of their trustworthiness. Scheduling a regular roofing inspection will help identify any of these issues and get them repaired or even replaced when needed.

2.) If you notice your shingles turning color looking dirty, dark, or even wet this is a sign that they’re trapping moisture and are no longer capable of doing their job.

3.) If you notice an accumulation of granules at the base of your gutters, these usually come from worn shingles. Both asphalt and composite shingles will show granules as they experience wear and tear. At the base of your guttering system, these granules will appear like coarse dark sand.

4.) One of the first places you will notice issues with your roof is when there is noticeable wear and tear around any openings or objects on the roof including pipes, chimneys and the skylights. These are more open to the elements, making them the most obvious places for deterioration.

5.) If you notice your exterior paint peeling or blister this could result from moisture buildup in your attic causing an increase in humidity. This is usually a sign of a roof leak or a failing gutter system.

6.) A variety of unique problems can cause any sign of water staining on your interior walls or ceilings. However, one of the most obvious issues is a problem with your roof. Scheduling a roof inspection should be a top priority.

7.) If you haven’t scheduled a roof inspection before a large storm, this can easily result in leaks that result in moisture buildup in your attic. Occasionally it’s only a matter of repairing or replacing your flashing, however you may need to look at getting your underlay replaced too.

8.) If you notice the rafters are decking off your roof, sagging instead of staying straight, immediately contact an expert in roof repair near me. Unfortunately, this type of damage may cause you needing a full roof replacement.

9.) Anyone who asks me the easiest way to do a roof inspection will be told to look for any evidence of outside light in their attic. If you can see streams of light coming into your attic during the day, this means there’s more than enough space for water to invade to.

10.) Last but not least, if you experience higher than normal energy bills, either in your heating or air conditioning costs, this could be a clear sign that your warm or cool here is simply escaping through your roof. Scheduling everything inspection will allow us to quickly resolve this poor ventilation issue, dramatically reducing any cooling or heating expenses.

As you see our team of local roofing experts know exactly what to look for and only to delighted to help you maintain or repair your roof. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to help with roofing replacement near me, please contact us today.

We would be happy to schedule an obligation FREE Estimate and provide you with the most competitive prices and high-quality customer service you will find Homer Glen IL.