Door Replacement and Installation Services

Door Replacement And Installation Services

Door Replacement and Installation Services

By enhancing the front door of your home it will increase the efficiency and the beauty of your home. DNS Exterior Inc. can help you choose the perfect door to match your taste and budget.

A new door can save you money each month by providing an effective means to keep in your heat and air conditioning. During cold months you want a good door that seals tight. And of course during the summer heat, when you’re running the air conditioning, you don’t want it leaking out through the front door. Now is a great time to invest in a new front door!

A new door will also add value to your home and increase it’s curb appeal as well. DNS Exterior offers many types of doors in many attractive styles. We’ll help you choose the perfect door for your style and budget, call us today!

Choosing the right door installation company:

Lockport IL homeowners often ask if DNS Exterior Inc. can install their new fiberglass entry door. Many Lockport IL door companies are simply salesmen – they act as the middlemen between the manufacturer and the installer. The homeowner is then left to rely on the dealer’s recommendations for entry door installers, or research and find one of their own.

Installing a new, pre-hung  entry door is harder than it looks. It actually requires a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise to do it properly. Unlike many home improvement tasks, entry door installation is not an intuitive job, even for an experienced carpenter. And if a seasoned carpenter can’t do it, it’s definitely not a job for the handyman.

The hard part is the actual installation. A reputable door installer, such as DNS Exterior Inc., will understand the four dimensions of entry door space to achieve the perfect installation:

  • level
  • plumb
  • square
  • rack (alignment)

If the installer is inexperienced in these areas, one of two things will happen: either it will be a very long day filled with frustration (and possibly many expletives – might want to keep the kids out of the house); or your new dream door will look…just like your old one.

The nuances of getting that “perfect” installation starts with the initial home visit. As a prerequisite for success, the salesperson should have an intimate knowledge of the door installation process and manufacturers they sell.

All our sales persons have a minimum of one years entry door installation experience. But it doesn’t stop there – how the dealer purchases that product has a lot of bearing too! Most manufacturers do not sell directly to a dealer (some do) but rather distribute through licensed vendors.

This adds another level of complexity. You have to know what that distributor is capable of. Can they build a door for older homes that don’t always fall into the cookie cutter mold? Can they build a door, per the dealer’s request, to fit a unique situation? The manufacturer, distributor, and dealer all have to work together for the best outcome for the customer.

Contact DNS Exterior Inc. today for all of your Lockport IL entry door installation needs!


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