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Quality Edge - N0-Mar Q5000

No-Mar Q5000®

QE was the first to introduce a No-Mar Q5000® type paint system for use in exterior paint systems. Each No-Mar Q5000 coil is made from a high performance titanium stabilized and specially annealed alloy for greater performance in the brake and on the house.

QE’s exclusive No-Mar Q5000 paint finish offers an unmatched scratch resistant surface with better UV protection stain protection than other conventional paint systems.

The Science behind No-Mar Q5000® Trim Coil

Strength to Weight Ratio
NO-MAR TruCoil has 76% of the strength of carbon steel at 52% of the weight.

Built-in Corrosion Resistance
Resisting atmospheric and chemical corrosion, NO-MAR TruCoil protects itself better with an ultra-thin, super hard, transparent layer of aluminum oxide.

High Tensile Strength
NO-MAR TruCoil boasts a tensile strength of 32,000 PSI.