Benefits of Andersen Windows

window installation benefits

Know the Factors When Choosing New Windows

window installation benefits

When the time comes to replace your windows you’ll find that there are many companies to choose from. So, how do you choose? What criteria should be considered? One of the companies that should be on the list of choices is definitely Andersen Windows. They offer windows in an array of designs that provide both functionality and visual appeal. They have been in business for over 100 years and have a track record of providing leadership in the home improvement industry. There’s no doubt that Andersen products will benefit your home or any building for which you need a window replacement. So, what are the primary benefits of Andersen Windows? We’ve got a few for you to consider.

Ever Heard of Fibrex®?

Windows have a tough job overall. They are faced with the task of connecting people with the outdoors while continually providing protection from the elements. This means that strength is important. Andersen created a material that is twice as strong as vinyl that doesn’t fade, peel, or blister. It is called “Fibrex®” and it means business when it comes to windows.  Fibrex® is comprised of reclaimed wood fiber and PVC polymer. The performance of this material beats vinyl in several categories.

  • It resists thermal transfer almost 700 times better than aluminum. This means that it helps keep your desired temperature inside the home better than other windows. This also means savings on utility bills.
  • Double the strength of vinyl
  • The color is blended during the process of production making it’s staying power longer
  • Resists deterioration better than other materials

Sounds pretty good, right? When it comes to materials, Andersen has a few other benefits to enjoy as well.

Great Materials

Andersen has set itself apart from other window companies by providing many replacement choices that can be custom stained or painted. This is important when it comes to interior design. If you like to coordinate the colors of a given room, you may experience some disappointment if the color options for the windows don’t quite fit the overall feel. Not so with Andersen. There are an array of options and you can custom paint several as well. There’s another aspect of Andersens’ materials that is worth mention. It is called “TruScene” and it deals with the clarity of the windows. TruScene window screens provide more than fifty percent greater clarity that aluminum screens. This means more air and sunlight from outside as well. The reason for this is because the screens are made with a steel mesh that is one-third the diameter of typical screens.

Wonderful Review Percentage

Reviews are always helpful when it comes to choosing the windows for your home. However, it is best to look at the overall reviews. With any reviews, it is important to ask why a particular person gave the review they did. Also, recognize that there are likely several factors that surround the outcome the person experienced. When looking at the big picture you get a more comprehensive indication of the quality of a company. Andersen’s complaints are about 90% less than one of their biggest competitors. And the ones they have are rarely related to their products. When it comes to official reviews, Andersen 400 Series was named a “Best Buy for Replacement Windows” by Consumer Digest. The main factors considered for this were performance ratings, materials, ease of functionality, and warranty. These types of credentials instill trust in the consumer when it comes to window installation.

Selection and Function

When buying new windows you want materials that will do the job. But you also want creative designs that will compliment your home. Andersen offers both of these features. Their designs include:

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Gliding, and others!

Some companies offer a low price, but cannot provide many options when it comes to design or color choice. Other companies skimp on the quality of the material. Andersen doesn’t seem to compromise on either. By providing a balance between quality materials and multiple design options the customer can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of Andersen Windows is that their windows don’t take much to maintain. In 1966 Andersen Windows introduced the Perma-Sheild process to their products. This means that the windows are clad with seamless, vacuum-formed vinyl. The Perma-Shield Casement window was introduced along with the Perma-Shield Awning window. This was a turning point in replacement windows in terms of minimizing maintenance for the customer.

Green Seal Certified

Who doesn’t appreciate when a company takes practical steps to help the environment? This is exactly what Andersen has done with windows. They are the first window company to be named “ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year“. They received this honor on several occasions making their commitment to the environment clear. Andersen Windows is also certified by Green Seal. Their purpose is to develop environmental leadership standards that are credible and transparent so that businesses and consumers can make responsible choices. By providing these standards they help to transform the economy into a much greener and healthier one. This certification is sure to provide some peace of mind for any environmentally minded customer.


One last consideration to make when it comes to new windows is warranty. After all, anything can happen in this world. So how does Andersen stack up when it comes to warranty? They offer some of the best warranties in the window and door industry. Since they provide such durable products they can provide great warranties. They even have an Owner-to-Owner® warranty in the event that you choose to sell your house. This enables the warranty to be transferred from one owner to another. That’s a nice perk to offer potential buyers.

The more informed the customer is about any product the better choice they can make. It is our hope that this overview will be a significant part of your choice for your new windows. Keep in mind that windows last a long time, so once you choose your product it may be awhile until the next replacement. Make a good choice having explored all the factors. We wish you the best in all your home improvement endeavors!

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