window and doors installation on air leaks

Orland Park Window Installation Co. Helps Prevent Air Leaks

window and doors installation on air leaks

Winter is the true test of air leaks in your home. When you have the heat going full time and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer it is likely that you have heat leaking out somewhere. Check for leaks around your doors, windows, and even outlets. Once you find where the heat is escaping it is time to start sealing. Here are a few ways to seal your home to stop those winter leaks from Orland Park window company DNS Exterior Inc.


One area that is common for heat to escape is around your doors. Check for leaks at the bottom and top of your front door. To reduce the amount of air escaping your home install a door sweep at the bottom of your door. These range in cost from around twenty-five dollars up to eighty dollars – depending on the size, model, etc. If you notice that heat is escaping along the door jams you can use some weather stripping to seal it up.


Depending on how bad the leak is you might consider replacing your windows altogether. This will cost more than trying to seal leaks, however, the loss of heat over the course of several months will be costly as well. If sealing is the best option you can put weather stripping along the space where the meeting rail connects with the sash locks. On double-hung windows make sure to put weather stripping on the top edge of the upper sash. On the lower edge, it might be a good idea to use a foam rubber backer rod given that the space is typically larger. In the case that you know the windows will not be in use for several months you can apply some temporary caulk.


One last area that will leak warm air is your outlets. To seal these first remove the cover plate. Next, place a soft rubber gasket over the outlet and put the outlet plate back on. Make sure that the materials you use are safe for use around wires as well.

Paying more for heat during the winter is expected, however, if you have air leaks in your home you could end up paying much more than you need to. It is best to install energy efficient heating and air systems in your home and make sure that your windows and doors are up to date. This should be done before winter hits if at all possible. Let the test of winter reveal if you need to replace your windows come spring. For window replacement in Orland Park IL contact DNS Exterior Inc today!

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