roofing companies on roofing mistakes

Roof Installation Errors to Avoid

roofing companies on roofing mistakes

When the time comes to replace your roof the next question is usually, “Should we do it ourselves or hire a roofing company?” Before making this decision it is best to get a realistic picture of what it takes to replace a roof on your own. It is also beneficial to find out the potential pitfalls that you can run into when replacing your roof. Here are a few common mistakes outlined by roofing company DNS Exterior Inc. that can be made when replacing your roof yourself.

Slope and Materials

When choosing the type of materials to use for your new roof it is important to consider the slope. If you use roofing materials that don’t work with your slope the potential of water getting through your roof increases significantly. So if you are using asphalt, wood, or tile shingles it is best to use at least a slope of 4 units of rise per 12 units of run. Another area of lack that is common among those that replace their roof themselves is the use of nails. Use four nails per shingle for the most durable results. Remember that you want the roof to last as long as possible so skimping on something like nails just isn’t a good idea.

Flashing Errors

Sometimes an inadequate amount of sealant is used in the roof valleys. This means that leaks are more likely. It is also important to layer the flashing under the shingles as opposed to on top of them. If this is not the case water can cause the deterioration of both the shingles and the flashing.


It is easy to misalign the shingles on a roof, especially if you do not have experience in roofing. You don’t want the shingle exposure to be too much either. Allow for only about five inches of exposure. Also, if there is too much overhang the shingles can blow off. If the overhang is not sufficient you may experience leaks. They should hang over the roof only about one to one and a half inches.

Winter Woes

Sometimes the winter weather can be underestimated when putting on a new roof. For example, ice can form at the roofline allowing water to get under the shingles. This happens when the roof doesn’t have enough insulation. For best results in a cold climate put an underlayer in the roof for extra protection.

These are some common mistakes when going it alone on your roof replacement. For help replacing your roof contact the professionals at DNS Exterior Inc.

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