windows installer on gliding windows

Orland Park Windows and Siding Company on Gliding Windows

windows installer on gliding windows

Whether you are renovating your home, embarking on the journey of new construction, or simply want to implement a change in your home, gliding windows might be the right choice for you. They offer simplicity, beauty, and an economic advantage as well. If you are considering window replacement before the winter season, this type of window may be a good option for resisting those winter blues as they allow for a lot of sunlight. Consider the following benefits of gliding windows from window company in Orland Park IL, DNS Exterior Inc.

Bring in the Light

Studies have shown that the amount of sunlight we are exposed to has a direct effect on mood and overall mental health. This means that it is important to incorporate into our homes as much sunlight as possible. This is one of the benefits of gliding windows. They offer the most amount of exposure to sunlight. Gliding windows also are great if you have a yard with a beautiful view. They are a great option for a four season room.

Economical Windows

One gliding window unit can replace two double hung windows in many cases. This means saving money on your window installation. And since they do not open outwards, you also save space. This makes gliding windows a good option when projecting windows will get in the way of a hallway, deck, or neighboring structure. With the number of people that are downsizing in today’s real estate market, gliding windows maximize window functionality and save on cost as well.


Gliding windows are also easy to clean. For most models, it is a matter of lifting the window up and then pulling it right out. Clean both sides with an effective glass cleaning solution and replace. With this feature, there are no difficult spaces to try to penetrate making maintenance for gliding windows a breeze.


Gliding windows offer functionality that is simple and yet versatile. You can get gliding windows that enable you to open both sides or just one. With an easy latch release, you can pull the window to open one side or the other. Many also come with a drainage feature should water pool up along the track. Weatherstripping comes with most models enabling them to withstand the elements well. Regarding style, there are many options to choose from. Go with the traditional look or coordinate your window choice with the modern style of your home.

For help finding the windows that are right for you contact window installation experts at DNS Exterior Inc.

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