window installation in orland park il

Window Company in Orland Park IL on Window Selection

window installation in orland park il

When the time comes for new windows there are many options to choose from. Not only will you have design options but functional options as well. Before making a final choice it is a good idea to first have a working understanding of the types of materials. The climate that your home endures will have a significant effect on the type of windows you’ll need. Orland Park IL windows and siding experts at DNS Exterior Inc. have the basic information you’ll need to determine the right windows for you.

Material for Framing

There are several types of materials that can be used for framing. Aluminum frames are durable, require little maintenance, and are generally light. However, they conduct heat quickly which affects the insulation that they can provide. Fiberglass frames are strong and allow for good insulation as many have areas where insulation can be installed. Vinyl frames keep moisture out and can be filled with insulation as well. Wood frames and composite frames provide stability and decent insulation. However, they can warp with the changing weather and typically require more maintenance. Again the climate will have a significant effect on the type of material you will need. For example, if the temperature varies greatly in your area you may not want to choose wood as it will expand and contract more than other framing materials. To find the type of framing material that is best for you consider the degree of insulation you will need, durability, and amount of maintenance.

Options for Glass

When it comes to the glass of your new windows you have some options regarding glazing. Insulated window glazing means that two panes are used for the purpose of increasing the amount of insulation. Windows with insulated glazing may contain inert gas that has a higher resistance to heat flow than air. This helps to keep the heat in your house. Some insulated windows come with the option for a low-emissivity coating that helps to control heat passing through the windows. Another type of coating, called a reflective coating, allows heat in while resisting solar light rays. Consult a window expert to find out which is best for your home.

Professional Installation

Once you decide which type of materials to go with for your new windows you can look at various designs that compliment your home. It is important to employ professionals to install your new windows as well. Problems like incorrect cutting, wrong sealant, inadequate insulation, or simply not fitting the window into the home correctly will be prevented by using the right Orland Park IL window installation experts. Contact DNS Exterior Inc. today!

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