orland park il roofing helps with pooling problems

Pooling Problem Solving | Roofing Company in Orland Park IL

orland park il roofing helps with pooling problems

In the event that you find water that is pooling up on your roof, it is time to take action. The life of your roof can be significantly reduced when this happens. The roofing membrane will experience deterioration at a faster rate making the potential for leaks greater. Professional roofing company in Orland Park IL, DNS Exterior Inc., has some insights about what to do when you find pooling water.

When to Expect Pooling

Water can pool on your roof under several types of conditions. The first is if you have a flat roof that does not have adequate drainage. Another occasion when you may find pooling water is if the insulation gets saturated followed by any kind of significant pressure that results in an indent on the roof. Sometimes deformed structural elements like beams or joists can cause pooling water. There’s always the chance that drainage systems were not installed properly as well. If you notice pooling water on your roof, consider these options as the cause and don’t delay in getting it fixed.

Damage Due to Pooling

Pooling can degrade the roofing material resulting in leaks. It can also intensify UV rays from the sun causing greater damage. The results can be curled or cracked shingles, saturated insulation, deteriorated membrane, sagging, and other problems. It is best to get your roof look at by a professional as soon as pooling is identified.

Proper Drainage

In order to check the drainage on your roof analyze three major areas: internal drains, scuppers, and gutters. Internal drains allow water to drain in areas on your roof other than the edges. These are present especially in flat roofs. Scuppers enable the water to flow through a metal edge and then through the downspout. Check these areas for blockage due to a build-up of organic matter. Last, check your gutters for clogging. Sometimes pooling water can be resolved simply by ensuring that your drainage is sufficient and working properly.

What to do About Pooling

The first step to remedy the pooling dilemma is to identify the cause. If it is a structural issue you may be in for a construction project. However, if the insulation needs to be replaced it will be a more manageable job. If you have a flat roof, you might consider tapered insulation. This provides a gradual slope on your roof that will improve drainage. There are a few types of insulation materials to choose from including ones that are eco-friendly. Check with your local Orland Park IL roofing company for what may be best for you.

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