lockport il roofing company helps prep for winter

Winter Roof Preparation | Lockport IL Roofing Installation

lockport il roofing company helps prep for winter
With leaves now adorning the ground and the cooler temperatures becoming more frequent winter is just around the corner. This means that your roof will need to be ready to endure the coming rain, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. To ensure a safe and dry winter there are a few things you can do as far as preparations go. Professional roofing and siding company in Lockport IL, DNS Exterior Inc. is here to help.

Inside Inspection

One of the first steps when it comes to preparing your roof for those winter months is to inspect the ceilings in your home. The goal is to identify any water leaks in your roof. Look for discoloration that is yellow or brown. Keep in mind that water travels, so if you find damage in one part of the ceiling, the actual source of the leak might be further away. It is best to have a qualified professional come out to find the source of the leak and look at the roof.

Outside Inspection

It is also good to look over your roof to find any weak spots. Keep your eye out for missing shingles, broken areas, sagging, or discoloration. Shingles that are curled can mean that the roof is too old or has been warped by the sun. If you find any of these things, contact your local roofing company to get an estimate. You may not need to replace the entire roof if the damage is minimal. Given the stress that the winter months put on your roof, it is best to complete any needed repairs before the snow hits.


One last step towards preparing your roof for winter is to clean out the gutters. Get that ladder out and remove whatever is in the gutters. If you have a compost heap you can add the foliage from the gutters. Do a thorough inspection of the drain pipe. It is important that water is able to drain properly through the winter. If this pipe is clogged, water can build up under the shingles and do some real damage. The drain pipe itself will likely also suffer if it is clogged. Another aspect of the gutters to look at is the spikes that attach the gutters to the roof. In time these tend to wear out. If needed, you can replace these spikes so that everything is fastened according to its design.

For more help with any of your needs regarding roofing in Lockport IL, contact DNS Exterior Inc. today!


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