finding leaks with roofing in lockport il

Responding to Roof Leaks | Roofing in Lockport IL

finding leaks with roofing in lockport il
Finding a leak in your roof can be a discouraging sight as a homeowner. Thoughts of various expenses come to mind. It is wise to have an ongoing savings account for home maintenance projects. For many, this is not the case making that leak in the roof a real threat. It might be tempting to put off repairs if it doesn’t look too bad, however, that could cause greater cost in the long run. Think through these tips on what to do with a leaky roof from DNS Exterior Inc. Their experience with roofing in Lockport IL can help.

Damage of a Roof Leaks

It is worth it to acquire a good understanding of what can happen when a leak goes without repair. If water gets to your insulation mold can result. This can cause respiratory problems for people in the home. Water can also cause the insulation to clump together making it less effective. This means a higher heating bill as heat will escape through the roof. If the leak in the roof runs down a wall it can eventually cause structural damage to your home. The water will make the wood rot, weakening it. This takes time, of course, but after the dame is done repairs will likely be costly. One last potential damage that a leaky roof can cause is actually a fire. If the water comes in contact with any electrical wiring. Open wires that get wet can become electrically charged. If you notice a leak it is wise to turn off the power and identify its source.

Common Causes

A leak in your roof may be caused by a number of things. If you are missing any shingles water can penetrate into your attic, for example. A gap around a pipe or chimney can be another source of leakage. Leaks can also come from holes in the roof due to damage from weather, falling branches, etc.

Find the Leak

Roofing in Lockport IL has provided ample opportunity to investigate many roofs. Finding a leak is not always an easy task as water may run from one way to another before it drips. To locate a leak spray water on your roof and then investigate the ceiling in the attic for dripping water. See if there is a path that the water is taking before it drips. Look for water stains. When you find the highest spot where water has been, mark it off. Then measure from that spot to the peak of the roof. Track the same measurements when on top of the roof to identify the source.

For safety, it is best to allow a professional to help in finding and repairing leaks. For all your Lockport IL roofing installation needs contact DNS Exterior Inc.

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