lockport il roof installation assessment

Roof Installation Considerations | Lockport IL Roofing

lockport il roof installation assessment

Planning is a significant part that will determine success in any project. Before replacing your roof, it is best to think through a number of factors. DNS Exterior has been offering roof installation in Lockport IL for many years with great success. Take advantage of a few considerations to make before putting on your new roof.


Perhaps one of the biggest factors in roof replacement is the cost. Architectural style shingles tend to be the economical option for residential roof installation. This type of shingle can endure wind speeds up to one hundred and thirty miles an hour. This is more than double the durability of a more basic grade, making it of greater value overall. Helping homeowners with Lockport IL roof installation often begins with determining what can be afforded. A roof is an investment into the home. Longevity is a main factor in this choice.

Removing the Existing Roof or Not

One factor that needs to be considered when replacing your roof is whether or not to remove the existing roof or to put the new roof on the old one. The structure that the new roof will be placed on needs to be inspected and sound overall. It is not a good idea to put the weight of a new roof on any material that is insufficient and can be compromised. Roofing in Lockport IL typically means removing the old roof, except under certain circumstances. Contact Lockport IL roofing installation professionals DNS Exterior Inc to get your estimate.


The slope of the roof needs to be factored in as well. Some roofs will need a membrane roof system to ensure the best possible performance. Typically, this will be necessary with a flat roof to a 3:12 pitch. Roof installation in Lockport IL with roofs that have a significant pitch need assessment from a qualified professional. Give DNS Exterior Inc a call for all your roofing needs in Lockport IL and all of its surrounding communities.

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