lockport il window installation and home value

Lockport IL Window Installation Can Increase Home Value

lockport il window installation and home value

When the time comes to sell your home, value is everything. It is a good idea to consider the increase in home value each home improvement project will give. One question often asked is whether new windows will add value to a home. DNS Exterior has been offering Lockport IL window installation for years. Take advantage of a few ways that new windows will add to the value of your home.

Saving Energy

If the windows in your home are old and inefficient you could be losing money on energy bills. Heating bills will be greater if some of that heat is escaping out around the windows. Serving with window installation in Lockport IL has provided many opportunities to help homeowners save money on utilities. In many cases, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an added benefit of new windows.


Installing new windows in your home will add visual appeal as well. Buyers are attracted to anything new in a home. Current models and features are a plus. Lockport IL window installation provides a better first impression when buyers first visit your home. This won’t necessarily affect the price directly, however, it can increase the potential of a quick sale.

Avoid Low Offers

Windows are a feature that potential buyers consider. If a buyer learns that the windows are out of date, they may ask for a lower price. They might also ask for you to install new windows before they will buy. Avoid these trappings with Lockport IL window installation. By being prepared up front, you have more room to negotiate. This enables you to have the higher ground.

How Much?

One question that is often asked regarding window installation is how much value can be added to a home. The answer is that it depends. In general, you might expect up to seventy percent of the cost of the replacement. So if you spend ten thousand dollars on new windows you can add about seven thousand dollars onto the listing price of the home. Lockport IL window installation has shown that this added value makes a significant difference when the time comes to sell.

For more information on window installation in Lockport IL, or its surrounding communities, contact DNS Exterior today. We are here to serve you and your household. Whether the goal is to add value to your home, save on utilities, or simply to add comfort and convenience to your life, we are here to help!

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