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Source: Is Energy Efficiency a Driving Factor for Buyers? | Window & Door

As the housing market expands, window dealers and manufacturers are seeing a continued desire for energy-efficient products from their customers. In fact, a recent report from the National Association of Home Builders states that a whopping 84 percent of millennials, who are now entering the housing market, are willing to pay 2 to 3 percent more for an energy-efficient home, as long as they see a return on their power bills.

To stay relevant with the features that today’s buyers want, dealers should consider the following when incorporate energy-efficient products into your business.

Certifications: EnergyStar has high consumer brand awareness and taps into buyers’ demands for efficient products that will save money over time, but do not cost more upfront. Also look to products that are Home Innovation National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certified. Third-party certified windows can make homes more marketable for builders.

Triple pane, low-emissivity windows: At Ply Gem, we’re seeing more of an adoption of triple pane windows with solar control low-e glass in the southeastern United States. Homeowners want more glass area to bring more light into dark areas like tall ceilings, but they’re concerned about solar heat gain.

Holistic approach: Builders often drive the decisions on energy-efficient products. Many are taking a holistic approach and combining windows, HVAC and other systems to provide the best balance for energy effectiveness. Educate customers on how the insulating factors of windows work in tandem with the rest of the home.

What are you seeing in terms of the demand for energy efficient products? How are you addressing the trend in your business? Leave a comment, review the poll results, and/or email your thoughts on the subject.

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